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Infographic: The Office of the Future

Posted by Martin Broadhurst on Sep 6, 2019, 11:49:54 AM
Martin Broadhurst

When I read the headline "Open-Plan Offices Make the Workplace More Toxic" on, I wasn't completely blown away. Anybody who has worked in an open-plan office knows that interruptions are common, which makes trying to complete "deep work" near impossible, and productivity certainly suffers. But toxic? That's very strong.

No one wants to work in a toxic culture, so we have to ask, does the workspace affect company culture? I like this answer on Quora which explains exactly how it does:

Read Bob Newhouse's answer to Can a work environment affect company culture? on Quora

As working styles have evolved, so have the spaces in which we work. Offices have changed from banks of typewriters, to the cubicle, to the open-plan design we see today. The evolution is set to continue.

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Modern workspaces are now being designed to accommodate many working styles. Whether you need to sketch out ideas in a collaborative session with colleagues or get your head down into deep work, there is a place for you to do so.

What does the office of the future look like?

The Future of Work

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